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Winter comes every year in Canada and it’s a time that we must prepare ourselves to be safe.

At Lawrason’s, we offer top quality Rock Salt, Ice Melter, and other melting items that ensures the safety of your family, your customers, and your employees during the harsh winter season.


 Rock Salt

Rock salt, also known as natural Sodium Chloride, is the most common and economical product used to melt snow and ice with an effective temperatures as low as -10 ºC (14 ºF).

Combat Rock Salt 10kg (112bags/skid)

Code: S35071

Combat Rock Salt 20kg (56bags/skid)

Code: S35068

Anchor Rock Salt 20kg (56bags/skid)

Code: 35063

Ice Melter

Ice Melter is the most effective product to use in the winter against ice. With a blend of CMA (Calcium Magnesium Acetate) and other additives, Ice melters are top of the line when it comes to melting snow and ice and will ensure your safety with an effective melting ability as low as -31 ºC (-23.8 ºF).


We offer products in bulk packaging that are what make ice melters very effective. These products are Calcium flakes or pellets, which have an effective melting ability as low as -31.6 ºC (-25 ºF), and Magnesium flakes or pellets, which have an effective melting ability as low as -25 ºC (-13 ºF).


Now that you’re equipped with the right material to ensure your safety, we also offer accessories to store the product and ease the way you apply the product in the most efficient, cost effective manner. We offer scoops, bins, and salt spreaders for your convenience.

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